Skype Sessions

  • Relationship Coaching
    • Boundaries
    • Communication
    • Emotional Unavailability & Neediness
    • Relationship Patterns
    • Developing the Spiritual Partnership
  • Integral (body, mind & soul) Psychotherapy
    • Self-Love
    • Childhood Issues
    • Letting go of the past & forgiving
    • What is your body telling you?
    • Connecting more deeply with your soul
  • Life Coaching
    • Is your work your passion?
    • Is this all there is?
    • Do I still have time to change?
  • Mindfulness Work
    • Becoming more present
    • Finding inner peace
    • Compassion
  • Family Coaching
    • Family coaching generally begins once you have had a session or two, and together we have been able to establish how to best move forward in order to resolve the pertinent issues together with your family

Gabriella.jpgYou may have come to this page because you’ve read one of my books. Or perhaps someone told you about me. Maybe you read one of my blog posts, or a friend forwarded my monthly newsletter article to you. Perhaps you listened to me on an archived radio show. Or maybe you simply found me with a web search.

And now you’re here. Considering. Thinking. Booking an online session can be fraught with many questions and doubts.

If you are already somewhat familiar with me and my work, perhaps you will decide to simply go ahead and book. If I’m more of a stranger to you, you might like to visit one of my blogs, my website, or sign up for my newsletter. Getting a copy of one of my books is another alternative.

My promise to you is this: Moving forward in life from a difficult, challenging, or problematic situation – whether it’s how you are thinking or feeling about something, or how a relationship is unraveling, or the fact that you want to change a core component in your inner or outer life – can always happen, if you want it. I will support you in that process. I will bring my accumulated learning & knowledge, skills, and life experience to the table for you. Compassion, understanding and a total lack of judgement form an integral part of that process. And together we can move forward. I also promise you that I will encourage you to develop your own wings very quickly.

Sessions are one hour (60 minutes) long.

Fees: €110 (Euros) per session (click for currency calculator), or €440 for a package of five sessions as long as the five sessions are held within a period of three months. The package of five can be acquired in two ways:

  • Pay €440 at the time of booking
  • Pay €110 per session for the first four sessions and nothing for the fifth
  • NOTE: the package may only be repeated once

All Skype sessions must be pre-paid by bank transfer, Paypal, or Revolut. If you need to cancel, and in order to avoid cancellation fees, please do so in writing three working days prior to your scheduled appointment.

Book Session: Please contact me here to book a session: Let me know your time zone as well as what times/days tend to work for you. I am in CET (Central European Time Zone, click here for time converter), which means the same time as Paris/Geneva/Madrid, or one hour ahead of London, or six hours ahead of NYC, or nine hours ahead of Los Angeles. Once that is done, and we’ve agreed on a time and date, and in order to confirm the session, please click below to pay via PayPal or credit card via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to do this). If you choose to pay via electronic bank transfer, you will be supplied with my account information.

Single Session
        €440 (valid twice only)
Five Session Package
Five Session Booking